Google App Brings Sports Widget for Android

Nowadays, users are shifting towards Google Chrome for internet browsing because of some usability features, but if you focus on the Google app, you will find several useful features that are only available in Google. If we talk about the widgets, there are multiple widgets available in the app that help users quickly get information about several things like weather, finance, etc. Now with the new update, the company is making one more addition as a sports widget.

The widget is simple and will show all the information. It has a simple format that will show the teams you follow and their upcoming, live, or past matches. All the games appear on cards with the date and time, score, and league.

Additionally,there will be one or two separate columns, with the latter prominently showcasing a game at the top. The widget can be resized to take up the entire home screen. You can refresh the widget from the top right corner where “Last updated” is written.

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The widget also offers customization, so users can easily change the teams they want to follow, and a setting page that also offers recommendations for games, teams, and leagues based on search activity. To get this widget, you need to update the Google app to the latest version.

The latest update to the Google app is coming with the version number It is worth noticing that it is available in beta updates, which can be downloaded through the Google Play Store, but before you can join the beta program,.

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