Samsung Galaxy users soon get new drag-and-drop feature on the Google app

The world of the internet is rapidly developing; nowadays, Generative AI is popularizing on the internet, and many companies are working towards developing advanced AI which will be able to do modern work easily. In this race of AI, Samsung has also been running. Google has also introduced its new Generative AI, Bard, which works the same as ChatGPT, which Open AI developed.

After developing Generative AI, Google is now started implementing it in its other services, such as Google messages; in this, you will get a magic to compose feature and Google Chat, where you will see the Smart compose feature. Now, the company is planning to roll out a new AI-based feature for the Google app, which will be available on all Galaxy devices.

New Drag and Drop search functionality coming to the Google app

The new feature will give the refreshed functionality of the Google app; it will allow users to drag a search result to the top of the screen to start a new search. The ‘Drop here to start search’ box appears as soon as a link, a piece of text, or an image is long-pressed and invites users to drag the result to the top portion of the screen.

After the implementation, this feature will limit the use of URLs. The feature is integrated with Google Lens. Further, According to Mishal Rehman, with the help of this feature, users will be able to search images, but as of now, it’s not working accurately.

Currently, Google is testing and developing it, at present, there is no information about when it will be available for all users, but it is estimated that in upcoming updates, you can easily check new updates from the Play Store.

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