Samsung starts developing its own AI based model for internal use, inspired by ChatGPT

Samsung has recently banned the ChatGPT from its offices because, back in April, some official information leaked about it, but looking at the benefits, the company has started developing its own AI.

 According to the information, Initially, Samsung had been struggling with various AI introduction plans, considering that using AI could drastically shorten the period of software development and semiconductor design, but after discussing on and doing a collaboration with Open AI, Microsoft, Google and Naver in Korea, the company has decided to develop in house tool like ChatGPT. The main reason behind it is to prevent data leakage.

To start the development, Samsung has started research and development on it; the company is now investing in the related manpower and resources with the goal of completing the development of the initial version at the end of July. Several Samsung electronics officials stated – “All other in-house software development organizations have been restricted from using GPUs (graphics processing units).”

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Samsung Electronics invested all of its GPU resources into AI development in order to complete the development within two months. For information, GPUs are essential for super-giant AI to learn human language and data.

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Major domestic conglomerates such as LG, Naver, Kakao, SKT, and KT are all jumping into their own super-giant AI development. LG’s ‘ExaOne’, Naver’s ‘HyperClover X’, Kakao’s ‘KoGPT’, SKT’s ‘A-Dot’, etc., each with different names, but AI learns human language and images in large quantities. However, It will be worth seeing how these companies develop in the future.

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