One UI 5 Watch have new Universal Gestures control

Last week, Samsung released the One UI Watch 5 beta update based on WearOS 4. In this update, there are several new features which are very useful for the users. From those, a unique feature has been introduced which allows you to control your watch without touching it.

In other words, now you can easily navigate your Galaxy Watch with different gestures; for any command, you can set unique gestures. This feature will be more useful for users who are differently abled, such as those having limited vision or hard of hearing. Let’s discuss how you can use this feature.

How to join One UI Watch 5 beta program

One UI 5 Watch Universal Gestures

The Universal Gesture works on the basis of data collected by sensors which record all the hand movements and detect changes in your muscle. The watch will react to every preset gesture and work accordingly.

There are different gestures available for different tasks, such as Shaking your hand – turning on universal gestures, Making a fist – Opening the action menu, Making a fist twice – Opening the action menu, Double pinching – Previous item, Pinching your thumb and index finger – Next item. All the mentioned gestures are default available, and you can also customize them and set it according to your mind. As of now, it is not functioning properly, but we hope Samsung will improve it with a stable update.

Samsung One UI Watch 5 (WearOS 4) Changelog and features

The function is very useful, but you have to practice the right gestures to take work with it accurately. If you also want this function, you should have a Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy 5 series watch, and the One UI Watch 5 should be installed in the watches.

After having all the things right, you will not be able to use it because the function is not turned on by default; you have to follow the below steps to turn on this feature.

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