Samsung One UI 5 Watch Beta updates first impression

The most recent version of Samsung’s One UI Watch Software was introduced, emphasizing sleep tracking, fitness, and security features. It is said that One UI 5 Watch offers a “comprehensive health experience” that helps people improve their sleep quality and will be available to download on compatible Galaxy watch models later this year.

When the Galaxy watch determines the user is in a deep slumber, it will automatically switch off other IoT devices in the home via Smartthings to minimize distractions at night. The user’s watch and their phone’s alerts and audio will be muted when the wearable tracking is switched to its infrared sensor from the usual green LED, which blinks obnoxiously.

One UI Watch 5 allow to transfer Galaxy Watches to new phones without reset

One UI 5 Watch personalized heart rate zone for fitness is a new analytical tool that establishes five intensity levels based on your workout data. It resembles the Apple watches Heart Rate Zones. These levels will naturally be incorporated into different workouts like jogging, providing consumers with an indication of what training routine is most effective for warming up.

Samsung Galaxy users soon get new drag-and-drop feature on the Google app

Owners of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro may benefit from extra features, including an upgraded Route Workout that tracks walking and running in addition to the normal hiking and cycling choices. Additionally, in the near future, users who are interested in route logs will be able to search and access the GPX File Database directly from the Samsung Health App. That is an improvement over the existing procedure, which calls for using a computer.

The SOS function has been improved with the One UI 5 watch, enabling users to speak with emergency services and transmit their position while also giving them instant access to their medical record databases. For users who are 55 years of age or older, Fall detection will also be turned on by default.

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