Samsung fixes an annoying issue with QuickStar update

Samsung is nowadays very busy deploying One UI 6 beta updates for eligible devices; moving forward, it has also introduced the stable version for the Galaxy S23 devices. However, between the major updates, the company also managed to bring new updates to the applications. Like now, QuickStar is getting a new update for improvements.

Good Lock QuickStar update v7.1.03.22

Samsung has rolled out a new update for QuickStar, which is coming with version number With the latest update, users will get relief from the issue that is blocking them from getting instant access to Quick settings from the control panel. Along with this, if you are facing other issues related to the functionality of the application, you should go for the new update; it will fix them.

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For starters, QuickStar is a part of Good Lock, which provides several customization options for managing the function of Quick Panel. You can change the layouts and settings of Google’s basic Quick Panel, which is blocked by Samsung, and can handle new features of notification.

The latest update of QuickStar is now available to download. Users who own Galaxy devices can easily update it from the Galaxy Store. Alternatively, you can also use the direct link to download the latest version of QuickStar.

How do I use QuickStar?

To use QuickStar, you need to install it first on your device. It is worth noticing that the functionality of the Good Lock module is limited to high-end devices. Once installed, go inside the application, turn on the toggle, and enter style in the Quick Panel. You will find a variety of vibrant colors from modern and fresh styles. You have the choice to apply default styles, or you can also create your own theme that suits your device best.

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