Google Glance Widget have Smartspacer supercharged version

The Smartspacer app is bringing a new widget to Android, which appears to have the ability to provide an enhanced experience of Google’s At a Glance Widget, which allows users to perform many things but is still limited to third-party apps. Google’s At a Glance widget can currently display timer and stopwatch information, torch reminders, and other information, but it has limited support for displaying data from other applications. It can display the status of ridesharing applications such as Uber, Nest Doorbell notifications, personal safety checkdowns, and fitness tracking data from Adidas Running and Strava—nothing more than this.

Smartspacer relies on 20 plugins to extract information from a variety of apps and operating system settings, including:

  • Aftership
  • Amazon
  • BBC weather
  • Google Finance
  • Google Keep
  • Google Maps
  • Google Wallet
  • Health Connect
  • Pokemon Go
  • Samsung Health
  • Uber 
  • Yahoo Sports
  • YouTube

There are also plugins to show your device’s battery level, connected devices and remote devices, notifications, sunrise and sunset information, data usage, and more. The plugin for the renowned automation program Tasker is one of Smartspacer’s main features, making the app incredibly adaptable. When you are in particular areas, you can use Smartspacer to do things like show your loyalty cards or keep lists. For instance, displaying more detailed flight tracking information, giving improved delivery alerts, and much more.

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The app is now in preview mode and is only available to select testers. The developer is ready to release it and says it is working on an SDK for launcher integration as well as documentation and software. Smartspacer does not require root access and works on all Android smartphones. On Google Pixel devices, it also retains all of the original capabilities of the At a Glance widget.

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