New Spotify Widget for Samsung Devices Gets a Recommendation Upgrade

Spotify is a very popular music streaming app among music lovers. The main reason behind its popularity is its music recommendation ability. With this ability, the app suggests music based on the user’s taste. Now this recommendation feature is also available in the widget.

Samsung users can get music recommendations on Spotify Widgets

Spotify has recently released an update for the Android platform. So it will also provide new features for Galaxy devices. With the latest update, v8.8.50. However, at first glance, you didn’t notice anything new because the company hasn’t made any changes to the UI. It is the same as when it was updated last time in 2021. The only noticeable portion is the bottom row, which is based on a recommendation based on your music taste. This row can contain up to five items, including playlists, albums, podcasts, and audiobooks.

IMG: Aviraj

Spotify is an all-in-one audio app

The other reason for the popularity of the app is its content availability; the application offers over 80 million songs as well as over 4 million podcasts from all around the world. You can easily explore top songs from different genres, countries, or decades. That is why it could be true to say that this is an all-in-one app for popular audio media.

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