Spotify’s latest Android update causing trouble for users to open it

Spotify is one of the most popular applications in the market for music streaming. The application offers a precise collection of playlists for users on the basis of their taste by analyzing their choices. However, with the new update, Spotify is not working fine and keeps crashing constantly.

Informatively, Spotify released a new update for Android devices, but after installing v8.8.60 on the devices, The app is constantly cruising; every time you try to open it, it doesn’t allow the user to do anything and isn’t able to open at all.

According to the reports, it is observed that current issues of crashing are only limited to the beta testers, which means that the version (v8.8.60) that is running especially for the beta testers came with problems.

To get rid of this issue, users have already tried some classic ways like clearing the cache and data of the app, reinstalling the app, updating it, and restarting the device, but it doesn’t bring any change. However, there is a simple way to eradicate the issue.

Go to the Play Store and opt out of the Spotify beta program. As we said, the issue is limited to the new beta update, so uninstall it from your device and install the regular public version, and then it will work completely fine.

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