Google Pixel Camera v9.2 Update Brings a New Look and Ultra HDR

Google runs its lineup of smartphones under the brand name Pixel. Recently,  the company has introduced two new additions, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. With the new Pixel devices, it has grabbed some upgraded hardware for camera performance, and to further enhance the company, it has also launched the latest Pixel 9.1 Pixel camera, which brings support for several new features.

It is worth noticing that the company has exclusively launched the pixel camera for the Pixel 8 series devices, while the older devices are running on the same version 9.0. Now, to remove the difference, the company has rolled out a new update of the camera, which will be distributed with version 9.2 for every device. The Pixel Camera 9.2 is rolling out now via Google Play, or you can download it here.

With the latest Pixel camera update, the company has made some changes to the UI. It has shifted the brightened shadow and white balance from the left or right edge of the finder to a compact carousel that will give you access to the feature from the bottom right corner. Along with this, it has also changed the location of the preference pane, which is switching to a bottom sheet.

For older phones, the company has added new features like Ultra HDR and rich color in photos, while for the Pixel 8, users can now disable Ultra HDR. Specifically for older devices, now they will get to use the P3 color format instead of SRGB for richer and more vibrant colors. Additionally, it has also introduced an always-on option for a palm timer, which was earlier only accessible for 3 to 10 seconds.

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