Google Camera gets a boost with Ultra HDR, P3 Display support, and new graphics features

Google Camera is an original camera application that is available for Pixel smartphones. The application offers several features that allow users to easily take different types of photos from their phones. Google Camera is also known for its photo processing capability, which enhances the image quality. To bring more new features, the company has rolled out a new update.

Google Camera gets the latest version 9.1 update

Google has introduced a fresh camera update for its latest Pixel 8 series smartphones. The latest update comes with version 9.1. It brings several improvements for the camera, such as a new button at the bottom right of the front interface of the camera. With the help of this button, you can manually adjust some shooting and recording parameters depending on the specific mode via the sidebar. By changing the setting, a button will then appear to the right of the sidebar to restore everything to automatic mode.

Apart from this, the new update also brings support for Ultra HDR, a new image format that could be the future of smartphone photography. The latest format will be based on JPEG, which incorporates a mapping of HDR gains in metadata. Additionally, a new setting is also present in the camera settings that will enhance the color of photos; now it will use Display P3 instead of the sRGB color format, which will bring more improvement to capturing more colorful photos.

The photos taken in ultra HDR will appear more natural and balanced than the older HDR. Currently, Ultra HDR is supported on a few smartphones, such as the Pixel 7 and later models. With Android 14, Google has taken the step to bring the Ultra HDR, so it seems like the Android company wants other Android brands to implement the necessary functions to make the system function more easily.

The latest Google camera update with version number will be distributed gradually to all compatible Pixel smartphones running on Android 14, i.e., from Google Pixel 4a 5G onwards. The new update will be available through the Google Play Store, so all Pixel device users should check the update there, and if the update button is on, then install it. 

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