Android Auto bug fix update now available

Android Auto, the infotainment system, does not provide its services as expected; being a Google product, it is not able to provide a consistent, flawless experience to its users. However, Google is constantly working on it, and we hope that it will get back on track. For the last few days, we have been talking about the new bug in Android Auto, but now, finally, some positive news has come.

The navigation bar disappearance issue has been resolved

As we reported earlier, when users are using Android Auto, the lower part of the screen is empty, which contains a navigation bar, which is one of the important parts of the Android Auto interface. It allows you to switch between apps, invoke Google Assistant, and access the home screen or the app drawer.

At first, the bug seemed like it could be related to the Android Auto application, and we are waiting for a new update of the application, but it is not a major internal problem of the Android issue as Google has found the imposter, which is the Google app, so to bring the solution, Google has brought a new update for the application.

Android Auto 10.6 Update Brings New Features and Improvements

Google has rolled out a new update for the application with version number 14.140.33, which successfully eradicates the issue and brings back the navigation bar, which is now working properly as before.

If you are also faced with the same issue, then to get rid of it, you just have to update the Google app from the Google Play Store. Once you successfully install the latest update, the issue will be automatically resolved. It is also advised to update Android Auto to the latest version, which keeps you protected from other possible issues.

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