Android Auto Users Report Bug That Removes Essential Element of the Interface

On one side, Google is continuously bringing several new features and products to its ecosystem that can engage its users, which seems great, but if we check the ground reality, there is major scope for improvement in its products, and Android Auto is the top contender among them.

For starters, Android Auto is a car accessory that brings all your smartphone functions to the display of cars and provides convenience to drivers to use several infotainment features and applications of the smartphone without getting distracted. However, it hasn’t checked the box of convenience yet because since it came on the market, it has continuously faced errors. Now it has come with a new update.

Android Auto’s new bug disappears the navigation bar

Android Auto’s main functionality is to provide all the necessary functions on the display, but with the new bug, it is getting lacking in some UI elements. Some users have reported about it; according to them, when they are using Android Auto, the lower part of the screen is empty, which contains a navigation bar, which is one of the important parts of the Android Auto interface. It allows you to switch between apps, invoke Google Assistant, access the home screen, or the app drawer.

The bug appears randomly, which confirms that it is not related to any specific version, which means if you update the app to the latest version, it will still face the issue. Some users have also tried the classic method, like reinstalling the app or clearing its cache, but they don’t get rid of the issue.

If we generally analyze the issue, it looks like this is happening because of some internal function error that has clashed with the server-side update. If this happens on the server side, then there are chances that Google may resolve the problem by resetting all the changes without giving a new update, but if this is happening due to any major bug, then we have to wait for a new update.

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