Android Auto 10.6 Update Brings New Features and Improvements

Google has recently introduced some new features to Android Auto, the widely used platform for car infotainment. This update, which enhances the application’s functionality, particularly benefits those who frequently share their vehicle with others.

Android Auto 10.6 update brings a new button that allows quick disconnection

With this update, Android Auto is bumped up to version 10.6. Interestingly, this update arrived without the typical beta testing phase that Google usually employs. At first glance, it may not appear drastically different from the previous version, but observant users have spotted a small yet valuable addition.

The new button, nestled within the notification panel when Android Auto is active, offers a quick disconnect option from the car’s infotainment system. This nifty shortcut simplifies the process of disconnecting and is especially useful for those who share their vehicle and often switch between Android Auto and Apple CarPlay throughout the day.

The rollout of this feature has just begun, and it will gradually become available to more users over the upcoming weeks. If you haven’t seen the button on your device yet, don’t worry; it will make its way to your smartphone soon.

As previously anticipated, the update to version 10.6 of Android Auto is being released on the Google Play Store; to update the app, or to download it for the first time on your device. If the latest version is not yet available on your smartphone and you would like to try the new version in preview, you can manually download and install the APK through this Mirror APK link.

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