Android Auto Almost Unusable After Android 14 Upgrade

Just a few days ago, Google released Android 14, marking the arrival of the latest major release for the world’s most popular mobile operating system. This update packs a plethora of intriguing new features and improvements, as highlighted in the article above. However, in typical fashion for major updates from the Android universe, this release hasn’t been without its fair share of issues.

Even though Android 14 is here, like every new release of Google’s operating system, it carries with it some important bugs as well as new functionality. The most recent significant issue appears to be slowing down Android Auto since it is acting less responsive than normal. For better driving concentration, Android Auto delivers applications to your car’s display. Navigation, maps, calls, text messages, and music are all functions that you can manage.

Users have, however, reported several issues other than the one relating to the Android Auto delay. Actually, a delay in each program has been reported by a number of users; in reality, the software takes several seconds to react to a tactile input, which in turn makes it very hard, for instance, to report an event on Waze. Other than this, some people have drawn attention to several issues regarding

  • Navigational applications and reliability of the GPS signal
  • Few drivers have mentioned audio app issues.
  • Flaws in the erratic music playback and subpar audio quality
  • Issues with services like Spotify and YouTube Music

Now coming to the problems with Android Auto, a few complain that once Android 14 is installed, voice commands for Android Auto are disabled. Another set of people claim that audio instructions, such as those offered by Google Maps, Waze, or other applications comparable to them, freeze in the middle of a phrase. This isn’t something new, as at the time of the Android 13 and Android 12 introduction, the issues were reported by the users. So Android 14 following the same may have the chance of fixing all the issues quite soon.

Android Auto 10.6 Update Brings New Features and Improvements

Installing Android 14 on Pixel smartphones has also popped out some flaws, such as installation issues, Bluetooth problems, Wi-Fi issues, abnormal battery drain, notification issues, and some problems with the first and third-party apps.

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