Samsung updates Good Lock’s Dropship app with new features [v1.1.2]

Samsung Dropship is a Good Lock module that lets you drop ship anything, which means you can easily share different types of files on any device. The special feature of this app is that you can easily share files across devices running any platform, including Android, iOS, and Web. To enhance its unique functionality, Samsung is now rolling out a new update.

Samsung Dropship update

Samsung has rolled out the new update for Dropship, which comes with version number V1.1.2. With the latest update, the application has received a new feature, Dropship Ride Together. This feature allows multiple people to continuously upload files to the same space. Along with this, you can also create groups and invitations. The update also brought several improvements to the functions of the applications, such as a new file review function, Simple sharing, automatic copy coordinates, automatic transfer coordinates.

Apart from these, the update also brought several fixes, which brought more improvements to the working of the application across other platforms. For iOS, it fixed an issue that affected login; for Web, it boosted the performance; it also fixed the issue that affected the performance of the app when scrolling multiple large images on the preview screen; and it resolved the problem message ‘expired’ sometimes appearing when executing dropship by clicking on the coordinate link.

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However, at the moment, Dropship is only available in South Korea, so users there can easily download the application. Samsung device users can easily download or update the application via the Galaxy Store. iOS device users can download it from the app store.

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