Google Camera Update: New features and improvements

Google is now rolling out a new update for its Camera application. In the new update, the company has brought many new features and improvements to the application. It is worth noticing that the update is only available for Pixel devices.

For your information, the Google camera application is the default camera application for the Pixel devices. In this application, the company added many new features for better photography on the Pixel devices. For example, the camera allows you to take better photos of the night sky. The app also has the capability to take on more stable modes. With the new update, the company has brought some new features.

Google Camera Update

Google has released a new update for the default camera app with firmware version number The update brings several new changes to the UI, such as new tabs introduced in the camera mode, including long exposure, portrait, camera, panorama, and photosphere. The video mode also got tweaks with new tabs, including panning, video, slow motion, and time-lapse.

Apart from the UI changes, the latest update brings some improvements, like having modified the video stabilization mode settings and moved them to the quick settings menu. Additionally, the update also brought the zoom slider for the Google Pixel 6s phone, which was previously available on the Google Pixel 7. The themed icon of the app has changed and is now fully compatible with Android 14.

How to install the new update

The latest update of Google Camera with version number is available on the Google Play Store, so if you own the Pixel device, you can easily install it from there.

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