Samsung takes a strategic leap into AI development with Microsoft

‘In-house generative AI development’ between Microsoft (MS) and Samsung Electronics, which has been in talks for a long time now, was verified by the source, Edaily. The firms combined will be creating the Samsung Chatbot, which will use OpenAI’s Large Language Model (LLM) to help with tasks like document summarizing and translation. Because there is an increasing demand for business innovation utilizing generative AI, Samsung Electronics started creating corporate chatbots based on the open AI concept. In the past, Samsung briefly stopped using ChatGPT and other generative AI over internal PCs owing to the possibility of proprietary corporate data being leaked.

However, the collaboration with Microsoft, which supports the Open AI Large Language Model (LLM), has quickened, and Samsung Electronics seems to have opted to create a Samsung chatbot that doesn’t have to worry about data security. According to a Samsung representative, “We started development around June, but there are still too many variables to make it public.

Utilizing the application programming interface (API) of LLMs like GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 offered by the Azure Open AI service, Samsung Electronics looks to be creating an internal AI tool.

Samsung intends to include generative AI into its home appliance in next year

A technical verification (PoC) procedure is being conducted by Samsung Electronics, which is believed to have connected OpenAI’s LLM to this service. While this was going on, it was discovered that several claims about Samsung Electronics’ intentions to disclose its ambitions to create self-generated AI with Samsung SDS at the “Real Summit 2023” event tomorrow were unfounded. Samsung SDS from its side stated, “The corporate AI service has not been specified, and the future service direction and blueprint will be presented at the event,” adding that “it is not related to the generative AI that Samsung Electronics is developing.”

It is important to note that Samsung Electronics recently submitted trademark applications for the terms “Gauss” and “Gais” to the Korean Intellectual Property Office, despite the fact that the name of the service Samsung will offer based on the Open AI Large Language Model (LLM) is the subject of considerable attention. This time the firm filed for a trademark through a proof-of-concept application and chose “machine learning-based computer software (SW) for language and voice processing” and “Computer SW for natural language processing, generation, understanding, and analysis” as trademarked products.

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