Samsung Galaxy Buds FE coming soon

It’s been a long wait for the wireless headphones from South Korean Tech; the rumors popped out that the earbuds will be Galaxy Buds 3 or Galaxy Buds Live. Another one was also on the line, and that is the Galaxy FE buds. It was not mentioned about the other earbuds, but the Galaxy FE buds are on the line, as the firm itself verified it on their website. All credits go to the source, GalaxyClub, for sharing it. The wearable is mentioned on the official website with the model number SM-R400N, and it claims the earbuds will debut as a fan edition variant.

The Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Tab S9 FE, and S9 FE+ are also anticipated to be released later this month, maybe accompanying the FE earbuds, and all the FE Samsung gadgets may be launched at once. We have gotten a close look at the structure of the Galaxy Buds FE, which appears to use the same kind of casing as the Galaxy Buds 2 and the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.

Galaxy FE Buds specifications

Complete with a USB Type-C connector and a square form, along with the charging connectors for the earphones, the cover has battery and charging indicators on the interior and exterior through LEDs. For opening the case, there is also an indentation. There have been some design adjustments made to the headphones themselves, which feature higher fins to likely stay in the ears steadily. The leaked picture shows the image of a black headphone with the variety of hues expected. Despite the shiny appearance of the cover, you can find a case or skin to protect it from scratches because it looks similar to other Galaxy Buds.

Two microphones each for each earphone, four microphones overall, and a sensor that determines whether the headphones are being used There are silicone rubber tips and active noise suppression, which were highlighted in the Galaxy Wearable app. The wireless earbuds will arrive in different sizes, S/M and M/L, according to the wingtip sizes. It is not yet confirmed whether support for wireless charging and cutting-edge technologies that are similar to Samsung Seamless Codec Hi-Fi will be included in the Galaxy FE Buds or not.

The gadget may be launched alongside other earbuds that the firm is developing or, in an event, with all the FE variants. Whatever the case, the launch is imminent within a few weeks or months. The price details were not disclosed in the leaked image, but the new Galaxy FE earbuds are expected to cost approximately 100 euros based on the prices of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro and Buds 2.

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