Samsung Good Lock gets expanded to more countries

Good Lock is a very unique service available for high-end Galaxy smartphones. Samsung hasn’t made it available around the world. Initially, it was limited to some countries, including South Korea and the US, but later in the year, the company expanded it to some more countries. Now, with the latest development, the company is aging and expanding the update to more countries.

Samsung brings Good Lock to three more countries

According to the information, Samsung has expanded the Good Lock to more countries, including Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Ukraine. This means users from these countries will now be able to use many customization features on the Galaxy devices. For starters, the Good Lock application offers different types of modules that are available to customize different system UIs.

Some Good Lock Modules Temporarily Unplugged Due to One UI 6 Beta Update

For example, Wonderland: With this application, Samsung users can easily customize the wallpapers with different options. Along with this, it also allows you to create a new wallpaper on your own. Similarly, there are a lot of modules available that do several things.

Good Lock is very useful for enhancing productivity on foldable

Good Lock brought some more utility options for the foldable. For example, let’s take the Galaxy Z Flip 5. For this smartphone, Samsung has made some compatible modules to support its cover screen. For example, you can see the lock star module, which offers to make changes to the lock screen of the eternal display. You can play multiple apps through Multistar, and many more.

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