Some Good Lock Modules Temporarily Unplugged Due to One UI 6 Beta Update

Samsung has rolled out the One UI 6 beta updates for the Galaxy S23 devices in six countries, including Germany, Korea, Poland, India,the UK, and the US. Still, China is left, which will get the Android 14-based One UI 6 beta update in the coming days. It is good news for users who want to get early access to the new features. But before installing the first beta update on your device, be ready to face some problems.

Good Lock modules are not working after One UI 6 Beta

After installing the One UI 6 beta update on the device, we observed that some Good Lock module services are not working, like notification, multi-window, navigation, and quick panel presets, and the functions related to these are reset to the original. By doing further investigation, we got to know the company has unplugged four Good Lock modules, including NotiStar, MultiStar, NavStar, and QuickStar.

For your information, the NotiStar module offers options for customizing the notification. You can easily manage the notifications that you have received so far, and you can easily control from which apps you want to see notifications, as well as You can also store the notifications for as long as you want.

How to join One UI 6.0 beta program

MultiStar functions as a backend support for multi-window usage and provides you with several options that enhance your multitasking experience. The NavStar offers you extra functionalities to manage your navigation bar, such as showing or hiding the navigation bar, adding some useful buttons, and many more. On the other hand, QuickStar offers you different options related to the Quick Panel.

All issues will be resolved

One UI 6.0 is currently in the platform stability phase, so whenever the beta update arrives, you will get to see some new issues. As a beta tester, you can report all the issues to the company, which can then properly work on them and resolve them in the final stage.

If you are the one who hasn’t registered in the One UI 6 beta program, then you can still do it by going to the Samsung Members app; however, to get the registration age, you have to update the app to the latest version. It is important to note that the beta program is currently open for the Galaxy S23 devices, but soon it will be available for more eligible devices.

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