One UI 6.0 Adds New Feature to Force Apps to Stay in Dark Mode

Samsung, with its One UI skin, has brought so many useful features for Galaxy devices. The dark mode is the most appreciated feature, which helps you apply dark UI themes to the whole system, from the home screen to the internal settings. The dark mode was introduced by Samsung in its initial One UI skins, and over the years, the company has improved it.

However, later, due to Google’s adoption, the dark mode also gained popularity on other Android devices. Now that several third-party apps also come with the dark mode as an inbuilt option, users get three options: One is light mode, the second is dark mode, and the last one is system default (it works with the system-wide dark mode functionality). But still, there are many applications that do not have this capability, which makes users frustrated by having to apply the system-wide dark mode to individual apps.

So to get rid of this problem, Samsung is all set to introduce a new dark mode for apps. This will be available with the upcoming One upgrade, which means One UI 6. This feature was recently spotted in the Galaxy S23 devices, which are updated to the One UI 6 beta update; however, the feature is still under development because it doesn’t bring any option to add desired apps that you want to have a dark mode on.

Currently, the dark mode apps option is only working for YouTube, which already provides the three dark mode options that make it able to stay on the desired theme irrespective of the universal dark mode, which is quite confusing. Maybe Samsung is providing convenience here by allowing users to select multiple apps in the desired mode. However, Samsung could also add more options in the stable version of One UI 6.

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