Galaxy Z Flip 5: How To Use Any App On Cover Screen

Its bigger cover screen is An impressive feature that makes the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 stand out. Everyone was disappointed by the 1.9 inches cover screen of its predecessor, Galaxy Z Flip 4. Although, the bigger cover screen allows users to run various apps, see useful content, use widgets, and play games. However, Samsung has optimized several apps which you can use on the cover screen.

Since the 1.9 inches cover screen of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 only allows you to use limited things, but now, with the massive cover screen of the new Galaxy Z Flip 5, you can use a lot of widgets, apps and other content on the screen. How do I use any app on the cover screen? Then you need Samsung’s Good Lock and MultiStar application.  

How To Use Any App On Galaxy Z Flip 5 Cover Screen?

To use any application on the cover screen of your Galaxy Z Flip 5, download two apps first is Good Lock and the MultiStar app. Once done with the downloading process, follow the instructions given below:

  • Head to the Good Lock app, scroll down and tap on the Multistar tab.
  • Now tap on the I Galaxy Foldable option and select Launcher Widget.
  • Click on the Enable Launcher Widget option and head back to the previous screen.
  • Now choose the apps which you want to use on the cover screen by turning the Toggle on.
  • Head back to your home screen, and fold your device.
  • Now, swipe to the left to get to the Launcher Widget to see all the apps which you have selected.

You can add or remove the apps at any time from the cover screen by heading to the MultiStar app. While using the apps on the cover screen, some apps were properly accessible, but some were not. 

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