Android Auto’s annoying bug has not been fixed with the latest update

Google has introduced many products in the Android ecosystem that have been successful and are very useful. For example, you can take Google Assistant, which has now been implemented in many systems that support Android. At the same time, Android Auto, which provides wonderful functionalities for cars but, due to issues, has not become as popular as other products.

Google failed to fix the issue in Coolwalk

As you know, Google is constantly rolling out new updates for Android, and on average, it brings some new issues with every second update. Apart from this, it is worth noticing that Google has been unable to fix the issue in Coolwalk, which makes it impossible to use the taskbar, so users are unable to switch between apps. Most specifically, the problems seem to be linked with Google Maps; some users have claimed that the issue arises as the application is launched.

Recently, Google launched a new update for the app, v10.4. In this update, the company hasn’t revealed anything about the update, but it hasn’t helped much. Now, according to some users, it is reporting an issue that makes it freeze and not start. Even after doing some classical fixes like clearing data or forcing a stop, they are not working. The solution only comes with another update; let’s hope this time Google will take it seriously and bring a proper update.

Android Auto is a smart application that provides the facility to run all your smartphone content on your car display. For instance, you can enjoy your favorite songs through supported music streams like Spotify directly in your car. Currently, Android support is available in more than 400 cars and will be available in more.

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