Android Auto 10.4 stable update available for everyone: What’s New

We’re interested in what the Android Auto developers are doing. It’s a tool from Google that helps people when they’re driving. It’s not the fanciest thing Google has, but lately they’ve been paying a lot of attention to it.

In 2023, they released something called Coolwalk. It’s an updated look they’ve been working on for a while. Over the next few weeks, they kept making it better by fixing important problems and adding some extra features.

Remember, Android Auto is Google’s way of helping people when they’re driving. It uses Google Assistant to handle things like music and talking to friends, so the driver can stay focused on the road.

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A little while ago, they released the first version of Android Auto 10.4 in a testing phase called beta. Just a few hours ago, they made it available to everyone in a stable version. This shows that Google’s team is working hard and not slowing down.

The new version is 10.4, and like always, Google didn’t give a detailed list of what’s new. They still talk about some old features like improving Do Not Disturb” and “Dark Mode. Most likely, this time, they fixed some problems and made small improvements.

If you want to get the latest Android Auto, you can find it on APK Mirror. Or you can download the stable version from the Google Play Store.

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