Google Messages To Offer a Redesigned Text Field With a Dedicated Shortcuts Bar

In recent times, Google has added some new features to the Google Messages app. With that now, Google is here with the latest makeover by revamping the text field with a shortcut bar for Google Messages. This recent redesign will allow the text field to take up enough space while also providing you with a dedicated box with shortcuts.

Earlier, it can be noticed that the text/RCS message field consumes two-thirds of your screen on the right side, and when you expand it for typing something, it certainly hides the “+”, gallery, and Magic Compose buttons as you type more texts into the text field. On the other side, you can see the emoji as well as the voice memo shortcuts.

Now, through the latest update, Google is significantly shifting the pill-shaped text field on the left-alignment along with an emoji button, and then there’s a new gallery button, Magic Compose, and the “+” icon on the opposite end of the emoji icon.

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On the flip side, there’s a voice recorder icon, which also received a significant redesign with Moods, which now has its own separate space outside the pill-shaped text field. However, some users find it very weird that the text field has a left-alignment and when the texts that are sent appear on the right side.

Another change that can be noticed is in its UI. When you begin typing, the text field splits itself into two sections; the first section is for the texts that you write and appears at the top, while you can find all your shortcuts on the second half of the text field, which is at the bottom. Although this might seem to be very convenient to use, surely it will take some time to get used to a slightly complex UI.

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Furthermore, only a few users who are enrolled in the Google Messages Beta got the latest Google Messages Revamp capability with a dedicated shortcut bar, since it’s not yet widely rolled out.

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