Samsung Galaxy S25 and S25+ Expected to Feature Sony Camera Sensors

Samsung’s community is flooded with a lot of news and rumors about the upcoming flagship smartphone series, the Galaxy S24. The device’s almost complete revelation has heightened excitement among users. However, while continuing the news, some tipsters have started uncovering information about the Galaxy S25 series of devices.

According to the popular tech tracker Revegnus, the Samsung Galaxy S25 and Galaxy S25 Plus may not use their own camera sensor, ISOCELL, and replace it with Sony’s latest camera technology. However, he doesn’t provide any information about the sensor or camera specification, but if it becomes true, then Samsung may be planning a big upgrade to the camera.

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If we throw light on some other camera-related news, the same tipster has provided the information that the company has indicated that it will level up its camera sensor to the next level with the support of 432 MP with the HW series of ISOCELL, but it may be limited to the ultra model, which is usually happening, while for providing a good experience for the base and plus model users, it may go with the Sony sensor.

It is worth seeing what Samsung could do with the Sony sensor; if there may be some partnership going on, then it is expected that they will surely do something next level. Adding to these several rumors that the Galaxy S25 will be the AI-powered phone, we hope we will get major improvements for the non-ultra models because in terms of camera, they left far behind compared to the ultra model.

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