Samsung is all set to introduce the its first of its AI-powered laptops

Samsung is one of the top companies that is appreciated by its customers for its multiple tech products, which mainly include smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, etc. But it is also gradually expanding its presence in the laptop market, and this is all possible because of its Galaxy Book series lineup. In every new generation, it has brought some significant changes to its products. Moving forward, the company is all set to introduce its fourth generation of the Galaxy Book series, which will be powered by AI.

With the power of AI (artificial intelligence), it is capable of processing multiple artificial intelligence calculations with the help of the first dedicated processor from Intel, named Core Ultra, which will have a built-in neural network processing unit and chip for better handling.

To make this happen more integrated, Samsung has introduced its own designed AI model, ‘Samsung Gauss’, to its upcoming laptop series. Due to this solution, it will be able to process rapidly because it will be on device AI, which doesn’t have to collect any information to transmit to the server.

According to the information, Samsung may introduce its Galaxy Book 4 series laptops in the middle of the month; more specifically, it may launch on December 15. Additionally, ahead of its launch, several specifications and other information have already surfaced. If you want to know about it, check here for more information. It is worth noticing that the company is trying its best to debut its new Galaxy Book series before its traditional timeline. The reason behind this is simply to take over the market hype with its first AI-powered laptop debut tagline, which will surely have advantages for marketing.

Moreover, Samsung is not only the one who is preparing to release its new laptops this month, but two more tech giants, LG Electronics and HP, are also planning to release their laptops before the end of the year; reportedly, they are also coming with built-in AI functionality, which may create tough competition in the market.

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