Threads Eyes European Expansion Amidst X’s Challenges

The Wall Street Journal has published a report that explains the reasons for the lengthy wait and assesses the possible effects of this expansion on the current Threads user base. Meta may launch Threads, the platform developed to directly compete with Twitter, in the European Union as early as December 2023 to fully capitalize on the recent difficulties faced by Elon Musk’s X. Meta formally introduced the Threads platform as an Instagram extension in July of last year.

However, the EU Digital Markets Act required Meta to exclude the European market from the initial launch phase. Although users in Europe were initially able to bypass the exclusion by installing the app manually, Meta eventually blocked threads for users in that region. As per the Wall Street Journal, which cites knowledgeable individuals, Mark Zuckerberg’s company is prepared to introduce Threads in the European Union after a few months.

According to reports, the official launch is expected to take place in December, just before the end of the year. The WSJ report provides a more detailed examination of the impact of Threads’ entry into the EU. Debra Aho Williamson, an independent analyst, estimates that Threads, which, according to Meta’s Q3 2023 data, has just under 100 million monthly active users, could add up to 40 million new users, representing an astounding 40% growth.

Earlier, a report revealed that Threads had lost up to half of its users in just one month following its launch. Additionally, the growth indicated assumes that European users will adopt the app at a rate comparable to that of US users. Since social media platforms require users to log in in order to access published information, Meta would have consented to a far from insignificant need put forth by the community authorities. enabling EU users to view thread contents even in the absence of a profile. Meta’s reasoned action, which freed

Threads from Facebook and Instagram and giving users the option to remove their threats accounts without affecting their Instagram accounts were another factor that appealed to the EU. Strategically speaking, it would also be crucial for Threads to debut in Europe in December 2023, as it would give Meta the chance to take advantage of X’s recent problems. There have been charges of anti-Semitism leveled against Musk in recent weeks in response to a post on X. In the end, Musk transformed X; nonetheless, the platform is not in great shape due to his contentious decisions and releases.

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