Samsung is silently working on 1 inch camera sensor for upcoming flagships

As earlier we reported about the 1 inch camera of Samsung, which has been running in the rumors for a long time, but it hasn’t yet been determined which device will be equipped with this sensor. If we follow the rumors about the upcoming Galaxy S24, it is almost confirmed that the device will use the same camera sensor that was used in the predecessor devices.

Meanwhile, if we talk about the Galaxy S25, there are strong indications that the company may go for a big camera upgrade for the devices. As per the tipster, Revenus,  it was previously reported that Samsung was working on 432 MP camera sensors a couple of months ago, so it is clearly understood that the company is working on a maximum upgrade of the flagship.

Now with the latest report, the same tipster is claiming that the company is working on a 1 inch, 200 MP camera sensor that will be capable of dual-pixel autofocus and crop zoom. Apart from this, he doesn’t reveal anything about what smartphone will be equipped with it.

Moreover, if you try to connect the dots about the claims made by Tipster, it is possible that the Galaxy S25 and Galaxy S25+ could be equipped with a 1-inch camera sensor, but it will be from Sony, while for the Galaxy S25 Ultra model, Samsung could introduce a 1-inch sensor made on the basis of ISOCELL technology.

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