Gemini Will Support Extensions Within Google Messages

Google has already been setting up for a couple of months, and now, along with features based on artificial intelligence, the several solutions the Mountain View giant has come across are finding more and more space among its multiple gadgets.

Among the AI features of Google is a Gemini, which is a generative chatbot. Actually, the brand has announced that it is renaming its AI chatbot, Bard, to Gemini. The workspace team at Google is still looking for new ways to merge it into existing products as well as services; for instance, Google Assistant and Google Messages.

It is being speculated by a post on X, formerly Twitter, shared by a well-known tipster, @AssembleDebug, that Gemini is in Google Messages or viewing the tasks of the day. As the report comes into existence, it appears that Gemini should be merged into Google Messages RCS conversations and should guarantee the users multiple features, for instance, helping them write a message or even translating one they have just received.

The brand should have to attach the ability to Gemini so it will be able to collect details regarding users and deliver more relevant answers, whereas the brand has already specified that the assistant will only have the power to save chats and conversations for up to 18 months and that users are permitted to disable this feature as per their convenience.

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