Google may soon launch Bard Advanced, a new paid tool driven by AI

Many people accused Google of rushing the release of Bard when it was announced in February of last year. The AI chatbot was called out by the internet for making factual mistakes in its demo video as it attempted to compete with ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing. But over time, Bard has enhanced the caliber of its replies and, in the most recent months, introduced a number of additional capabilities. Google looks to be getting ready to provide a paid upgrade for Bard Advanced, a new cutting-edge AI experience that was revealed in December, and provide users with access to Google’s top models and capabilities.

This was noticed by X user bedros_p; users will be able to “try Bard Advanced for 3 months on us,” according to the strings. Users will probably have to pay for the service in full after the trial period. Uncertainty surrounds whether Bard Advanced will be introduced to all tiers or only the more costly one with greater Google Drive storage. A broken link inside the code implies that it might be part of Google One. Furthermore, it is probable that Google One will add an additional tier. While information on the topic is currently limited, it appears that Bard Advanced may be a component of Google One based on a broken link ( discovered within the code.

Bard Advanced will be a premium membership available through Google One, as per the developer Dylan Roussel, who discovered the new version. Also, users may benefit from a three-month free trial period. While the functionality is still being developed, it should enable users to experiment with different subjects and take advantage of Bard’s advanced features, such as improved reasoning and math skills. Roussel also shared screen grabs that showed a future known as Motoko and found more upgrades. The ability to design custom bots is a potential benefit of this functionality. It’s still unknown if the users will be able to distribute these bots or if using this functionality will incur a fee.

It appears Google is planning to introduce Bard Advanced at the start of the new year and has already had a chance to carry out an extensive set of tests with a small group of testers. Despite the fact that other businesses are able to generate revenue using comparable instruments, the company’s decision to monetize Bard makes perfect sense. Furthermore, the corporation must invest a variety of resources simply to keep these models running.

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