Google Messages Prepares for Dual SIM RCS!

Google is the parent company of Android, and to provide a seamless experience, it also provides several services through its original applications, and from time to time it is making them more advanced so it can ensure that users will always get innovative features. Google Messages is also one of the applications that provides several useful features for messaging, including RCS. It is expected to become more advanced in the coming updates.

Google Messages gets multi-sim RCS support

According to what was decoded by 9to5Google, the latest beta update for Google Message has some clues about the upcoming advancement to RCS. It is expected to enable multi-sim RCS support for the devices.

Earlier, Google restricted this function to only one SIM, which means users will only be able to use one number with the RCS at a time. In the coming updates, there will be an option in the settings to enable both SIMs for RCS. You will also have to verify your SIM before activating the service.

However, currently it is limited to beta users with version number 20240102_00_RC01, but not every beta user with the same version number has it. It may be enabled by Google for limited users, but it will soon be available to more users from the server side.

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