New Google Messages Feature Excludes Non-RCS Users

In an attempt to provide users with an ever-more-pleasant experience, the Google Messages development team announced the release of seven new features at the beginning of this month, indicating that this service is part of the product category that the massive Mountain View holds the greatest weight in. Although a few of the newly disclosed features are still exclusive to a select group of fortunate people, the majority of users have had access to them in recent weeks. The Custom Bubbles feature exists in Google Messages. The conversational background and bubble color of both you and the other person can be altered with the new Custom Bubbles feature.

It’s no longer about blue vs. green; choose a different color for each talk. Bubble color customization is not as readily available to beta testers as it is for other expressive features like photomoji, animated emoji, and reaction effects. However, since the announcement, a limited number of people have received this feature. You may now distinguish between separate chats and stay away from inadvertently sending your friend’s weekend update via SMS to your family group chat. When this new feature is actually made available, users will be able to browse the various options, including the “default” dynamic color, by selecting the “Change Colors” option from the three-dot overflow menu located in the upper right corner of each conversation. This functionality is currently limited to RCS messaging, excluding regular SMS or MMS messages.

The Custom Bubbles option is exclusive to RCS, as those users have observed. At present, the theme does not include SMS and MMS chats. Given that Google previously informed us that the sender and recipient’s bubble colors in messages are synchronized, this RCS requirement may have implications.

Thanks to “9to5Google