Google Assistant Summarise Your Messages With AI On Android Auto

Now Google is enhancing the user experience by gearing up to deliver ‘Assistant summarize your busy conversations’ and messages.

Google started working on Assistant to summarize the users’ busy conversations and messages while they were using Android Auto. The brand is offering this feature as per the convenience of the users. The common issue the users use to face while driving is handling the busy schedule of conversation.

Now that the brand is working on solving the inconvenience, while driving, it’s okay to have two or three messages, but hearing more than that, for instance, every response in a group conversation, could be disruptive. So the brand is back with a solution for Android Auto by offering Google Assistant ‘to’summarize your messages’ specifically ‘busy conversations’ with AI.

However, Google warns that these summaries will be generated by AI, so it’s pretty obvious that there are probably mistakes. This presumably makes reference to SMS texts and RCS chats from the Google Messages application. Users will be permitted to turn this feature on or off in Android Auto Settings as per their choice.

The update has arrived with its own identification build number, which is v14.52 of the Google application. However,  for now, the update is in the beta stage, but soon the brand will make it available to all the users widely. Meanwhile, several Google products already offer a summarize feature, but the closest comparison is the ability of Google Chat to recap spaces and help users catch up on a group conversation.