Google Gboard also have a dedicated undo button for Android

Google GBoard is one of the most popular keyboards across Android smartphones. In the recent update, the company has introduced several new features for enhancing the typing experience of the users, but some features have not been discovered yet, like recently an undo feature that came into light after the official Reddit post for replying to the iOS shake to undo gesture.

According to the post, the feature is available under the Japanese language keyboard. To do that, you have to follow some simple steps: first open the Gboard settings, then go to languages, and then tap on the ‘’Add Keyboard” button. Here, search “Japanese” and select and then pick the first option in the carousel, and then hit ‘Done”.

Currently, no other language keyboard supports this button, but as it was reported earlier, Google is working on a dedicated button for all the keyboards, so it may come with a more refined feature that will support all the keyboards. However, if Google provides this option at the top of the suggestion window of the keyboard, then it will be more convenient for the users.

Moreover, using the undo button on a Japanese keyboard doesn’t come with any new updates, but it can be immediately used by following the above-mentioned steps. For more enhancements, we recommend you update the Gboard to the latest update.