Google May Merge Nearby Share with Samsung’s Quick Share

Prior to making Nearby Share available to all Android phones running on Android 6.0 and above in August of the same year, Google first introduced the beta version of the feature on a limited number of Pixel and Samsung devices in June 2020. Conversely, Quick Share is a compatible function that Samsung also introduced for their Galaxy device series. However, despite currently operating as separate services, there is a possibility that these two functions, Quick Share and Nearby Share, could be combined in the future.

A report suggests that Samsung and Google may combine another product, as Google’s “nearby share” may soon be renamed “quick share,” which is the precise moniker for Samsung’s peer-to-peer file-sharing service. Kamila Wojciechowska, an extraordinary Pixel leaker, received Google Play Services app version 23.50.13, according to the report. She saw many clues in it that suggested Google would be changing Nearby Share’s name to Quick Share. The leaker’s X profile published these clues earlier today.

Regarding the new icon, Kamila shared a close-up of it for improved visibility, but it is also visible in the Quick Settings tile and the notice that is shared by the leaker. She got a notice saying, “Nearby Share is now Quick Share,” after updating to the most recent version of the Google Play Services app. The notice also stated to “search for the new name and icon to share with nearby devices.” She also revealed the sharing menu screenshots and the feature’s settings, which are now referred to as Quick Share.

You can restrict Quick Share to your devices or the devices of your contacts, or leave it open to all users. Selecting the contacts option will enable file sharing and sync data with the contacts in your Google account. In order to increase privacy, you can also restrict Quick Share exposure to ten minutes. Since Google has already added Nearby Share to the Windows OS, it may rename Nearby Share for Windows to Quick Share if the Quick Share rebranding is approved.