Android Auto will no longer support older Android devices

Android Auto is a useful service from Google that is dedicated to providing infotainment systems for cars. Now Google has also released a new stable update for users that will offer some new enhancements for the application. But at the same time, we have some bad news for Android users.

According to the information, Google may discontinue Android Auto support for devices running older versions of Android than Oreo. It will be soon notified to the users after they update their Android Auto app to the latest version 11.0. The notification will simultaneously display on connected smartphones as well as car screens.

When the notification arrives on your device, it will ask you to update your device. This indicates that the user who has the smartphone eligible for a new Android update will only get the notification because another user who is using an older device and is retired from the updates will not be able to update. In the other case, Google may change the phrase to upgrade or switch your device, which is running on Android 8 (oreo) or above.

If you are still using the device running on Android Nougat, then you should go for the new device. There are several devices available on the market from Samsung; if you are a flagship fan, you can check out the Galaxy S23 devices; or if you want a powerful mid-range phone, there are several options available in the Galaxy A series devices.