Telegram Celebrates Christmas with a Maxi Update Packed with New Features!

Telegram is the second most commonly used application in social media after WhatsApp, and over the past few months, both companies have evolved their applications with several new features to enhance the overall experience of users. To continue the competition, Telegram is now rolling out some new features for the users, which will include more customization for the channel interface, sharing posts in stories, and more.

Telegram December 2023 Update

Make changes to the appearance of the channel

Users can now make changes in the channel appearance; this will be possible through the boats and levels. As you know, previously, channel owners had the capability to change the color of their messages. Now, with new developments, they can choose a color and logo for their profile cover, set an emoji status, and create a wallpaper that will be visible to all who visit the channel.

Share messages in stories

One more new feature is available for channel owners, as they can now post their messages to the stories. Additionally, channel owners can resize and decorate the stories, allowing viewers to be redirected to the channels when they view and tap them.

View reposts and more

Previously, users could already see who viewed their stories and how they reacted, and on the other hand, the channel gets detailed statistics to track how their stores performed, and now, with the latest update, channel admins can now view reactions to their stories. Both users and the channel can see your reposted stories.

Photo cutouts are used to enhance stories

Telegram users can show more creativity in their stories with the new photo cutout tool. Users can easily place photos from the gallery on top of the stories and remove backgrounds from the images.

You can easily gift premiums to your friends

Users can easily gift telegram premiums to multiple people with just one tap. This will be a great Christmas gift. To do that, you have to follow just a few simple steps: Go to the Telegram settings; here you will find a new section named ‘Gift Premium’. Simply tap on it and select the user you want to gift it to; you can select up to 10 users at a time.

Availability of all features

To get all the latest features, you have to download the latest update. The update has already been rolled out for users, but it may be available on all smartphones, including Android and iOS, in different regions. Therefore, it is advisable to monitor the app stores on your respective devices and promptly install the update once it becomes available.