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Telegram’s Latest Update: Republish Stories Channels, Profile Color, Video Reactions, and more



Telegram is one of the most popular social media platforms. The main reason for its popularity is its features, which have always come with a set of features that keep its uniqueness. If we talk about its competitors,  it has no competitors except WhatsApp. This year, both platforms have brought several new features to their ecosystems, but still, Telegram is the clear winner because it has received all the features initially and served them to its users. Now,  with one more major update, the company has started rolling out a plethora of new features.

Telegram brings new changes for stories, channels, profiles, and many more

For your information, Telegram has released several new significant updates this year. In the previous couple of updates, it added giveaways for channelsreplies 2.0 adjustable, and many more. Now,  after successfully distributing those features, the developer team has brought some more useful features for the application, which will surely boost the user experience. Let’s explore them all.

Video messages on stories

To create more excitement among users, Telegram has rolled out a new feature for stories that allows users to add video messages. In a nutshell, video messages can be resized and moved around the screen as well as along the time axis to start or end at any frame. With this feature, it will open up endless possibilities for making the stories more creative.

Reposting stories

Now that you can easily repost any story of your friends and favorite channels to your page, it will help the creator to make a wide reach among users, expand their channels, and make them more popular and convenient. You can do more customization to the stories before you post them with a handful of options, including text, audio, or an event video comment.

Similar channels

There are millions of channels available on Telegram, which makes it more complex to search the channels that are related to your interests, but now with the new update, the application will make it easy, as it will allow users to discover the channel with a new tap of a similar channel, which gives a separate list of channels that are available with the same content that you are looking for.

Story stats for channels

In Telegram, the channel owners are now able to see the statistics for their story, which include story views, shares, and reactions. All this will be available in a detailed frame, which helps track the story’s reach and performance.

Custom reactions for channels

The channel owners will get a new interface for managing the reaction, so they can easily add or remove specific emojis, and with this, they are also able to add custom emojis for each level they have.

Code highlighting in messages

Telegram has also now been able to detect the coding language and highlight the text it is expecting; this feature was included after the results of a recent coding contest. This will also be able to detect the differences between Java and C# languages with the code formatting feature.

Topics improved

For better group management, the application now supports you to preserve your views as topics or messages when you open the group again.

Thanos snap effects

When you set the timer for auto-deleting messages, they are deleted according to your preset. Now,  to make it more interesting, the messages will get a cool animation before going to disappear, and this animation is the same as the Thanost snap effect.

Wallpaper for both sides

It is interesting to set a favorite wallpaper for your chat window, which makes it more appealing. Now that the company has introduced the functionality for both sides, you can now set the same wallpaper for the chat window, which will also apply to your partner at the same time. However, this feature is only available for premium users.

Profile colors

In the previous update, the company introduced color customization for the name links, and now, adding more functionality, the company has brought the same customization for the logos for profiles, which makes them stand out.


The voice-to-text feature is an old functionality that is available for premium users since 2022. With this feature, users can easily translate voice and video messages. Now, with the latest update, the company will open the feature for non-premium users; however, there is a limitation of two messages per week that can be translated.

Availability of all features

The latest update of Telegram is available for download for Android and iOS users; however, it will take some time to be available on the Google Play Store, so users can directly install it from the official site to take advantage of all the new features early.

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Google One VPN Service Officially Discontinued



Google One shut down as it was announced a few months ago in April. End of the thread: users no longer have access to VPNs through Google One. 

Google introduced Google One VPN back in October 2020; it was initially a perk for the $9.99/month plan. Later, in March 2023, it became accessible to all Google One plans, even the cheapest, at $1.99 per month. Google made it available through the Google One app on Android and iOS, whereas Google also released dedicated Mac and Windows clients. 

Google One’s VPN focused on adding an extra layer of online security, not location switching. To ensure transparency and trust, the brand published a white paper, had an independent audit, and even made the VPN’s code accessible for public review. In discontinuing the VPN, Google says “people simply weren’t using it” and that the deprecation will let it “support more in-demand features.” 

That could be about Fitbit Premium and Nest Aware, which are only available for UK subscribers at the moment. Notably, the owners of the Pixel 7 series, Pixel 8 series, Pixel 7a, and Pixel 8a still have access to a Pixel VPN by Google as a part of their premium phone purchase. Access to that has rolled out through the Play Store and Android 14 QPR3, but two features are not listed in its list, which are mentioned below: 

  • The feature to use a broader IP address region, such as a country-level IP address versus a city-level or state-level, isn’t available in VPNs by Google. 
  • The feature to block the internet if the VPN gets disconnected is not available in VPN by Google. 

Now opening the Google One mobile app reveals a “VPN by Google One is no longer available” message, with the VPN tile no longer shown after the latest Android update with version number 1.223.x. 

Apart from this, Google recommends that users delete the app on Mac and Windows by following these steps: 

Mac users can follow these instructions: Open Finder >> In the sidebar, tap Applications and drag VPN by Google One to the trash. 

Windows users take these steps: go to the Start menu >> Settings >> Apps >> Within ‘apps & features’, search for VPN by Google One. Tap VPN in Google One >> Uninstall. 

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YouTube permits users to report against AI deep fakes of themselves




In the end, YouTube offers essential power to users by letting them report AI-deep fakes of themselves. 

The AI-powered features are for making daily tasks more effortless, but the AI-generated content, especially deep fakes, has caused efficiency troubles. Until now, users didn’t even have the right to do anything against AI-generated fakes of themselves. Now YouTube has finally taken a stand regarding this trouble by expanding its privacy request process to allow users to request the removal of AI-generated or other synthetic or altered content of themselves. 

YouTube announced that it’s expanding its privacy request process to permit users to request the removal of AI-generated or other synthetic or altered content about themselves. According to social media, the decision to have a more responsible approach towards AI-generated content is related to the fact that AI-generated fakes have become more common lately. 

In a way, they have received so much hate and revealing feedback that they are now forced to make some changes. In any scenario, if someone would like to request the removal of their AI deep fakes, they must use the privacy-request process on YouTube. The service will evaluate the request and consider “a variety of factors before removal,” for instance, whether the content makes changes or is synthetic and could be mistaken for real. 

Although it has yet to be seen, YouTube is quite intent on removing what it tags as parody and satire content, including famous figures. YouTube has also announced that creators notified about privacy complaints will not receive any strikes since privacy violations are separate from community guidelines strikes. 

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Samsung News Gets a Big Update for the USA




Samsung News is a reliable news application among Galaxy device owners that offers cataloged news and personalized feeds. Now the Korean giant is looking forward to upgrading the app.

Samsung New expands facilities for Galaxy owners: News, Sports & More in the USA

Samsung is not gearing up to expand the functionalities within its Samsung News app by offering a new update. The latest update on the app will bring a new feature to include coverage of major forthcoming events, including the 2024 US Presidential Election and new sports programming. This update is available now to everyone in the U.S. and makes following the electoral process even easier, more engaging, and more accessible. 

The Vice President of Product Development for Samsung, Avner Ronen, stated that “Samsung News has become a daily touchpoint for millions of people looking for easy-to-access updates from their favorite local and national news outlets.” More people than ever before are getting their news digitally, with 86% of Americans turning to mobile phones, tablets, or computers. With the 2024 U.S. presidential elections on the horizon, the Korean giant is introducing a dedicated tab within the Samsung News application that will serve as your hub for comprehensive election coverage. 

The latest update for Samsung News will bring a dedicated tab for the 2024 US Presidential Elections. It will offer all the latest news from trusted sources, a calendar of key election dates, candidate profiles, and regularly updated pools. 

Apart from the exciting product update, the brand is also introducing LALIGA, one of the largest soccer leagues in the world, as its newest content partner. Samsung New has also welcomed new partners like Yahoo, Sports, ESPN, CNBC, Good Morning America, and many more to the app over the previous year, ensuring the service meets audiences’ continued esurience for trending, breaking, and local news. 

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