Telegram’s Latest Update: Republish Stories Channels, Profile Color, Video Reactions, and more

Telegram is one of the most popular social media platforms. The main reason for its popularity is its features, which have always come with a set of features that keep its uniqueness. If we talk about its competitors,  it has no competitors except WhatsApp. This year, both platforms have brought several new features to their ecosystems, but still, Telegram is the clear winner because it has received all the features initially and served them to its users. Now,  with one more major update, the company has started rolling out a plethora of new features.

Telegram brings new changes for stories, channels, profiles, and many more

For your information, Telegram has released several new significant updates this year. In the previous couple of updates, it added giveaways for channelsreplies 2.0 adjustable, and many more. Now,  after successfully distributing those features, the developer team has brought some more useful features for the application, which will surely boost the user experience. Let’s explore them all.

Video messages on stories

To create more excitement among users, Telegram has rolled out a new feature for stories that allows users to add video messages. In a nutshell, video messages can be resized and moved around the screen as well as along the time axis to start or end at any frame. With this feature, it will open up endless possibilities for making the stories more creative.

Reposting stories

Now that you can easily repost any story of your friends and favorite channels to your page, it will help the creator to make a wide reach among users, expand their channels, and make them more popular and convenient. You can do more customization to the stories before you post them with a handful of options, including text, audio, or an event video comment.

Similar channels

There are millions of channels available on Telegram, which makes it more complex to search the channels that are related to your interests, but now with the new update, the application will make it easy, as it will allow users to discover the channel with a new tap of a similar channel, which gives a separate list of channels that are available with the same content that you are looking for.

Story stats for channels

In Telegram, the channel owners are now able to see the statistics for their story, which include story views, shares, and reactions. All this will be available in a detailed frame, which helps track the story’s reach and performance.

Custom reactions for channels

The channel owners will get a new interface for managing the reaction, so they can easily add or remove specific emojis, and with this, they are also able to add custom emojis for each level they have.

Code highlighting in messages

Telegram has also now been able to detect the coding language and highlight the text it is expecting; this feature was included after the results of a recent coding contest. This will also be able to detect the differences between Java and C# languages with the code formatting feature.

Topics improved

For better group management, the application now supports you to preserve your views as topics or messages when you open the group again.

Thanos snap effects

When you set the timer for auto-deleting messages, they are deleted according to your preset. Now,  to make it more interesting, the messages will get a cool animation before going to disappear, and this animation is the same as the Thanost snap effect.

Wallpaper for both sides

It is interesting to set a favorite wallpaper for your chat window, which makes it more appealing. Now that the company has introduced the functionality for both sides, you can now set the same wallpaper for the chat window, which will also apply to your partner at the same time. However, this feature is only available for premium users.

Profile colors

In the previous update, the company introduced color customization for the name links, and now, adding more functionality, the company has brought the same customization for the logos for profiles, which makes them stand out.


The voice-to-text feature is an old functionality that is available for premium users since 2022. With this feature, users can easily translate voice and video messages. Now, with the latest update, the company will open the feature for non-premium users; however, there is a limitation of two messages per week that can be translated.

Availability of all features

The latest update of Telegram is available for download for Android and iOS users; however, it will take some time to be available on the Google Play Store, so users can directly install it from the official site to take advantage of all the new features early.