Telegram launches Giveaway feature for channel owners

In a couple of months, Telegram users received several new features, such as at the time of their birthday in September, when the company distributed many new things like stories for channels, reaction stickers, view once media, and more. Then, in a few days, the company once again rolled out a new update, which has also brought some new changes for replies and multiple citations. Now, continuing its consistency, the company has rolled out another fruitful update for the users.

Currently, the developer team is focusing on providing more useful features for the channel owners. With the latest update, the company has introduced a new feature called Giveaway, which will be very helpful for the channel owner.

In today’s social media era, every account handler wants to attract followers, and to do that, they use several tactics. Giveaways are one of the most useful and effective strategies where an account owner distributes different types of gifts to attract new users. The same thing will be available for channel owners, with several customization options.

Telegram also claims that the latest giveaway feature will work more transparently than any other social media account. There is no certain limit for prize distribution; millions of users can receive prizes like Telegram premium subscriptions, and it is guaranteed that winners are selected fairly.

When creating giveaways, the organizer will have several options, like specifying whenever all the subscribers or only new subscribers eligible can select certain countries or requiring the participants to subscribe to other channels. To create a giveaway, follow these steps: Click channel info, then tap on the three-dot menu, tap statistics, then go to boosted and tap Get Boosts via Gifts.

It is worth noting that to start a giveaway, the organizer must pay in advance according to what they want to offer to their subscribers. To do this, you can use any Telegram app, but if you do the transaction via a premium bot or fragment, then you will get some benefits.

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Additionally, users who have premium Telegram accounts will receive more boosts as part of their subscription. Instead of one boost, users who pay their own subscriptions have a boost spread among channels. If you gift a premium to someone, they will get one boost, and you will get three more boosts for your account. When you win the premium in the giveaway, the same rule will be applied here.

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