Telegram Disappears from Android Auto for Some Users

With regular updates and special features like private conversations that increase privacy, Telegram is one of the most widely used messaging applications. The app was also accessible through Android Auto until a recent update caused it to inexplicably disappear from the dashboard panel.

In late December, Telegram mysteriously vanished from the dashboard panel when an Android smartphone was connected. Both apps got fresh releases in December; however, it’s unclear if the problem stems from a Telegram update or a new version of Android Auto.

Upon preliminary examination, it appears that there are no specific components shared by the affected users of the issue. Neither a specific smartphone nor a version of Android Auto seem to be available, but all of the users have installed the latest version of Telegram 10.5.0 on their smartphone. It does not appear that the well-known Google service is to blame for users who upgraded Android Auto 10.9 but had not updated Telegram. Instead, they may continue to use it. Since there isn’t currently a fix, using an earlier version of Telegram is the only option to keep using the well-known chat software. Unless a fresh patch is made available to address this issue,

It’s too early to tell when a patch could be released, but Google has already been alerted and requested further information about the flaw. How many users would be impacted is uncertain; the inquiry took some time.

On Google’s forums, a few Android Auto users did, however, confirm the issue. This number will probably rise as more people receive the problematic update. Since the suggested fix appears to address the issue with the messaging app rather than Android Auto, we will have to wait to learn what caused the malfunction and when the company plans to release the fix. Also, the telegram development team has not yet responded to inquiries about the issues.

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