Android Auto 10.9 Stable Version: What’s New

Google does not let go of any opportunity in which it can expand its ecosystem; the Android Auto is also the one product that lets the company provide its services to car display. At first sight, it looks like a great step that makes it possible for users to be convinced of several utilities like navigation systems, easy access to audio systems, and many more, but if we talk about its smooth functionality, the company is unable to give a good experience to the users.

However, in recent updates, the company has tried its best to provide a better experience to the users. For instance, it has received significant changes for the user interface of Google Mapsgained wallpaper sync features, and also resolved issues related to Android 14. Now, continuing this development, the company has rolled out the new update for the users.

Android Auto reaches stable version 10.9

To bring more improvements for users, Google has introduced Android Auto’s 10.9 stable version. However, as per tradition, the company won’t embed any new changelog with the latest update, so it is thought to say if any new significant change will be available to the users or not. But it will definitely undergo some internal changes, which will improve its functioning.

What’s New:

The initial users who experimented with this latest version of Android Auto didn’t observe any major changes right away. This is likely because Google primarily focused on addressing bugs and critical issues. Notably, this version doesn’t include one of the features that Google has been working on—having the same background on both Android Auto and mobile devices. It seems this feature is still in the testing phase, so it might be a while before Google officially rolls it out.

In addition, Google is working on a simpler method to disconnect a smartphone from the main unit while using Android Auto wirelessly. Specifically, they are adding a disconnect button to the smartphone’s notification center. By pressing this button, the wireless connection will be immediately interrupted. This allows users to switch to Bluetooth or connect another smartphone in the car more conveniently.

The latest update for Android Auto is coming as stable, which means it will be available to all the users. To install the latest update, you just have to go to the Google Play Store and type Android Auto in the search bar, and if the update button is on in the result, then tap on it to get the update. Alternatively, users can also install the latest version of the application through this link.

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