Android Auto’s Struggle to Perfection: Bugs Linger, But Solutions Are Emerging

The issues relating to Android Auto and the issues that occasionally crop up with the Google service The entertainment platform of the massive Google company is actually sadly known for a whole slew of bugs that surface and interfere with the proper use and operation of the service. Even after this, it must be something to be appreciated, as the company is taking time and significant amounts of resources for the platform’s development and enhancement.

Android Auto is updated frequently in both the stable and beta channels, and occasionally these updates also include fixes for issues that have previously surfaced in addition to new features and graphical improvements. Also, it seems a few users are updating to the newest version of their smartphones’ operating system. This is something that has not turned out to be a great idea. It was previously informed about the issues that surfaced for users of Google’s infotainment service following the update to Android 14.

There are issues concerning Spotify:

Currently, those who experience the aforementioned issue and would still like to use Spotify while driving because they may have paid for the necessary subscription are compelled to use the well-known music streaming service instead of Android Auto, which means they must connect their smartphone directly through Bluetooth to their vehicle’s audio system. Big Giant G brought this up earlier, as it already announced that it was trying to fix the Android Auto issue. Notably, it has not yet provided an exact release date for the update that will fix the flaws.

Android Auto 10.9 Beta Now Available: What’s New

The issue does not seem to be associated with any specific smartphone manufacturer or vehicle. Thus, although Google’s infotainment service still has certain issues, others have thankfully been fixed. It was reported on the Android Auto support forum that the Google One app had a fault that prevented Android Auto from being selected to avoid the VPN app. The company has now fixed the issue in their most recent release.

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