Android Auto to Gain Wallpaper Sync Feature

The ability to choose a personalized photo as the wallpaper is something that Android auto users have requested for a long time, as they needed more alternative wallpapers. Although Google has been ignoring these requests in the past, new data indicates that a significant change is on the way. With the release of Android Auto version 10.7, which is currently available through the Google Play Store, it seems that Google is developing a feature that would let users synchronize paper on their mobile device with Android Auto. In other words, it can be claimed that Google is actively working on this new feature; however, no precise information on the launch date has been revealed.

Android Auto Will Soon be Able to Match Your Phone’s Wallpaper

You can focus while driving with Android Auto, which puts apps on the car’s display. Navigation, calls, text messaging, maps, and music are among the features that you may manage. Android Auto just shows the wallpaper in the app drawer right now. Taking over the enter screen, the CoolWalk interface hides the wallpaper behind it and lets users run many apps simultaneously on one screen. Since Version 10.0 launched in July, Android auto-upgrades have been released on a regular basis. A few strings appear to be related to battery changes and changes to the way that apps can specify the car and where it can be parked.

As stated earlier, users would be able to support the phone’s wallpaper on the dashboard of their cars using this platform. Though it doesn’t seem to be accessible just yet, not even in beta, this option should show up in the Android Auto menu settings. Looking back, Android Auto added a wallpaper feature only a few years ago. But this new feature of allowing the car’s wallpaper to match the smartphone’s wallpaper would bring a new level of user experience. As of now, no information is available when all the users can experience this upgrade.

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Thanks to “9to5Google