WhatsApp Launches AI Stickers: Now You Can Be an Artist

Artificial intelligence is reaching higher heights and improving the user experience by bringing AI-powered features day by day. The ability for users to harness AI’s capabilities to produce personalized and one-of-a-kind stickers is one of the most recent advancements in stickers. The capability of making stickers using artificial intelligence is now available to everyone on WhatsApp, according to a function that was first introduced a few weeks ago in a few chosen places and was just publicly revealed.

It is interesting to know that now, with WhatsApp, you can use AI to make custom stickers. With the use of a meta service, artificial intelligence (AI), it creates WhatsApp AI stickers based on text inputs. Your AI stickers can be shared at any moment with your contacts, and they will also show up in your sticker tray after they are dispatched. The company has shared a short video that demonstrates how the new feature lets users be more creative with their discussions and make some much more fun.

Users will need to have some patience when a new feature is made available to everyone. Whenever a feature is released, it doesn’t mean everyone around the world can access it immediately. It takes a few days to arrive for every user. If you want to test the new features, sign up for the appropriate beta testing channel on the Google Play Store. Or else get the latest version of the application if you are unable to register for the beta program.

To create an AI sticker in the upgraded version of the application:

  • Start a conversation.
  • Press the emoji or sticker icon.
  • Tap create, and tap continue if requested.
  • Provided description of the sticker you wish to make
  • There will be four stickers produced at most.
  • Additionally, you can change your description and give it another go.
  • To share something, tap its sticker.

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