WhatsApp finally brings multi-account support on same phone

WhatsApp is one of the top social media applications around the world. It is a very popular application among all ages of users. The major reason behind the popularity of the application is its easy interface, which allows users to communicate with each other without any complications. Initially, this application was only introduced as a way of communicating with text, but with new updates, the WhatsApp team has added several new ways, like video and voice calling.

The application has also grabbed new interesting features that engage the users, whether they are existing or attracting new ones. In the last few weeks, the developer team has done appreciative work and introduced several useful changes for the application, and now, after maintaining the good work, the company has announced that its users will get to use multi-accounts on the application.

What is a multi-account on WhatsApp?

Multi-Account Support for WhatsApp is very similar to Instagram, where users can use two accounts with different user names and manage them easily without getting any mess between them. Just like this, now users can also manage two accounts on WhatsApp. However, to create a second account, you are required to have one more number.

It will also remove the need for cloning WhatsApp applications. You can easily use multiple accounts in a single app. Additionally, when you add more accounts to the application, it will be easier to switch from one account to another without logging out.

WhatsApp has already started rolling out the update for the stable version, which means every user will get to access the new functionality, but it will take some time to reach every device, so you should keep an eye on the Play Store and, whenever it is available, install it.

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