Samsung Good Lock Routines+ gets more improvements with new update

Good Lock is a bundle of different modules, and one of them we’re going to explore today is Routine+. Beyond its basic functions, Samsung’s Good Lock Routine+ lets you incorporate advanced features into Bixby Routines, enabling you to create more robust and powerful routines.

Samsung Routines is a smart application that allows users to add advanced features to Bixby routines so they can make more powerful routines. SimpleWorks helps you automate your daily tasks according to your daily routine.

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It is an additional application which gives more power to Bixby to perform more tasks efficiently. Bixby Routines uses machine intelligence, which easily learns your usage patterns and preferences. It can also adjust the settings, control apps, optimize the battery, and much more. It also allows you to manually set up; for example, you can create a ‘good night’ routine so at the desired time your phone will go to mute and night mode will turn on.

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Now Samsung is rolling out a new update for Routine. In the latest update, the company has added support for the Japanese language, which will give more convenience to users who only use their devices in this language, while previously it supported other languages including Korean, Chinese, and English. Additionally, the update has also brought some improvements to the internal functions of the device.

The latest update of Routines comes with version number 1.0.44. This is now available on the Galaxy Store with a software size of 15.51MB. So if you want to get more improvements in the functionality and get rid of annoying issues, then you should always keep the app up-to-date.

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