Samsung One UI Home gets new update ahead of One UI 6 stable

Samsung has introduced a new update for One UI Home, which brings some improvements to the application that will make it compatible with the upcoming One UI 6. If you don’t know about the One UI Home, then here is a quick introduction.

What is One UI Home?

Samsung One UI Home is the inbuilt launcher of the Galaxy device, which provides a clear interface for the home screen and also has some extra features that help users manage the application even on the app screen. It offers a simple screen layout, neatly arranged icons, and many more. To bring more improvement to the functionality, Samsung has pushed a new update.

One UI 6.0 and Android 14 update schedule for Galaxy devices

Samsung has rolled out a new update with version number As per tradition, the company hasn’t brought any changelogs with the new update, which indicates that it will not get any new features or significant changes for the application. But it is expected that the latest update could bring some improvements that will fix the bugs and make the system more powerful.

One UI Home features

Due to the support of One UI Home, you will easily use full-screen gestures on the home screen on Galaxy devices. With the new development, it is also capable of hiding the navigation button at the bottom of the home screen and making it easy to quickly switch between apps. You can also lock the home screen so it will prevent accidental changes. These are some major things you can do on the home screen, but if you explore the settings, you will get more customization options so you can design the screen according to your taste.

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