Samsung Internet’s latest update makes it easier to browse the web

Samsung Internet is a browser application that brings a lot of useful features that enable users to access their favorite content on the Internet. This is an original Samsung application that is available for every Android device. Now, to bring more enhancements, the company is rolling out a new update for the application.

Samsung Internet gets new features with a new update

Samsung has rolled out a new update for the Samsung Internet application, which is coming with version number With the latest update, Samsung has brought some new changes to the app. It can now save a longer history, and it will also help you type website addresses quickly.

Before, the browser could only remember 500 web addresses in the history and remember them for only 60 days, but with the latest update, it will extend the history saved up to 90 days. This is very helpful for people because sometimes they need to reopen important pages.

Additionally, you will get one more improvement in the URL bar: when you type any website name in the bar, it will autocomplete it, so you don’t have to type the full name and quickly open the address.

Why is the Samsung Internet so popular?

Samsung Internet is very popular among browsers because it provides several features that make it more interesting and secure. For security, it provides some useful features like secret mode, where you can protect the tabs with a password so they can only be opened by you. Along with this, it also has an anti-tracking function, which protects you from being tracked by websites. For more utility, it also supports background video playback, and with the One UI 6, it will also support more customization of its interface for Galaxy devices, including smartphones and tablets.

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